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Maternity Facilities

View panorama Maternity Hospitalization Room

L’Hôpital Francais de Hanoi develops the maternity sector which has gained the confidence of the public from the onset. For your convenience, the Maternity Department proposes Maternity and Delivery packages that help you organizing and following up your pregnancy.


The Maternity Department is located in the third level, next to the Operating Theatre, comprising:

  • 3 consultation rooms;
  • 3 delivery suite;
  • 1 pre-delivery with 2 beds
  • 18 beds for maternity ward (single and double rooms).

All patient rooms are equipped with medical functions (oxygen, suction, light).

Adjustable bed, bedside table, locker, TV, direct telephone are also available for your convenience. En-suite bath room with toilet hand basin & shower is inclusive. Bell call for nurse is at bedside as well as in the bath room.


Our modern and comfortable delivery suites are fully equipped with all necessary medical equipments so that you and your husband can prepare for your baby’s arrival.

We encourage your husband to be with you throughout your labour. However, no member of the family will be allowed in the Operating room for safety reasons in case of C-section. Once your baby arrives, you and your husband can watch while your baby is checked, bathed and weighed.

We recommend that you breastfeed your newborn as soon as possible.


When you have signs of labor, please call our hospital on (84-4) 3577-1100 and ask for maternity department where your hospital identification will be required for pre-admission arrangement. Upon your arrival, please proceed directly to the Maternity Ward on the third floor.

Should you come out of office hours or if you have not signed a maternity, delivery package and/ or have not received antenatal care with us, please go directly to the Accident & Emergency Reception at the first entrance on Ground Floor.

For normal delivery

  • We encourage the participation of your partner to share this unique and wonderful experience with you.
  • The obstetrician and midwives on duty will participate in your delivery. It is not possible to choose a particular obstetrician for your delivery.
  • An epidural is optional but highly recommended choice for maternity patients.

For C-Section

In the event of a cesarean delivery being required, only you and medical staff will enter the operating theatre.

Baby care service

  • Immediately after birth all babies are routinely given an injection of vitamin K, unless otherwise indicated. Their weight, length and the circumference of head will also be checked by our midwives.
  • Every morning while at the Hospital, your newborn will be given a bath by the midwives.
  • Mother is encouraged to breastfeed the baby. Otherwise, we provide formula milk for your baby during the hospital stay.


You will find a toiletry set in your bathroom with all the necessary personal items of soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, towel, handkerchief.

Clothes & Laundry

You will be provided with Hospital dress for use during delivery and stay. Additionally, baby clothes and nappies are available for your stay. We offer a free laundering service for the clothes worn on admission.


All meals as well as milk for baby are inclusive. Your meals are served with refreshment everyday. European, Asian and vegetarian dishes are available. Each day a catering assistant will come to your room to take the order.

Meals are normally brought to mother between the following hours:

Breakfast 7:30am - 8am
Lunch 11am - 12am
Dinner 5:30pm - 6:00 pm

For medical reasons, we strongly request that no food and beverage should be brought into the hospital.


When you are fit for discharge, your treating doctor will prescribe a Discharge Form for you. Discharge will be proceeded within 1 day upon labor following normal delivery and 4 days following a c-section.


Please note that late check-out and/ or over 24 hour hospitalization ante-natal observation will be charged additionally.


Midwife will give you Birth Certificate and Medical/ Vaccination Records Book for your baby. Parents’ passport number and residential address are needed.


For your comfort, a nursery is available with cradles. Our team will help you look after your new-born baby. You should take that opportunity to ask all questions you have.

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