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Our Doctors

Our team consists of highly experienced specialists, French or Vietnamese who consistently receive positive feedback for both clinical care and patient experience.

Dr. Hồ Văn Thu – Head of the Department, Obstetrician/ Gynecologist

 Dr. Thu is a permanent Obstetrician and Gynaecologist. He 
 obtained Senior Doctor 1 and his master degree in Hanoi
 Medical University after graduation from Thai Nguyen Medical
 University. He  underwent his post-graduate training in Obs/
 Gynecology at CH de Cherbourg, CH de Niort and CHU de
 Grenoble, France. He has years of experience working at Lao
 Cai Hospital and Postal Hospital before he moved to work at
 L’Hôpital Francais de Hanoi in 2006.

 Dr Thu’s practice is based on a highly individualised
 approach that is dedicated to helping women achieve their
 expectations of labour.

Dr. Achouri Abdellazi - Obstetrician/ Gynecologist

 Dr. Achouri Abdellaziz is a gynecologist/ obstetrician coming
 from Paris, France.  He graduated in Montpellier, a city in the
 south of France. He worked with the best professor and held
 the prestigious title at European Georges Pompidou
 Hospital, one of the top rank hospitals under the aegis of the
 Assistance publique - Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP).

 Dr. Achouri has been recognized to be highly capable for 
 pregnancy care and obstetric pathologies.

 Dr. Achouri commits to dedicate his ability and professional 
 ethics at Hanoi French Hospital.

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Dr. Đào Thị Hợp - Obstetrician/ Gynecologis

 Dr. Hợp has worked at L’Hôpital Francais de Hanoi since
 2001. She did her professional training in Bac Thai Medical
 University, where she graducated from in 1984. In 2000 she
 completed her residency in Duchenne Hospital in France and
 one year later she received her master degree in obstetrics
 and gynecology from Hanoi Medical University.
 Dr. Hợp has 17 years working at  Institute of  Protection of
 Mother and Newborn (now called C-Hospital) and two years
 working at Atag Hospital, YEMEN.

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Dr. Nguyễn Thị Hồng Yến - Obstetrician/ Gynecologist

 Dr. Yến graduated from Thai Nguyen Medical University,
 specializing in obstetrics and gynecology. In 2010 she obtained
 master degree from Hanoi Medical University. Dr. Yến has over
 20 years of experience in the field of Reproductive Health Care,
 including management of pregnancy, provision of examination,
 treatment and counseling about all kinds of gynecological
 diseases, performing gynecological surgeries, etc.

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Dr. Trần Thu Tuyết - Obstetrician/ Gynecologist

 Dr. Tuyết has been working as a permanent obstetric and
 gynecological doctor at L’Hôpital Francais de Hanoi since 2007.
 She obtained her medical degree at Ho Chi Minh Medical
 University, specializing  in obstetrics and gynecology. She
 completed her three-year residency at Tu Du Hospital, HCMC in

  Dr. Tuyết receives patients at H Clinic Trung Hoa on a daily

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Dr. Nguyễn Hữu Nghị - Obstetrician/ Gynecologist

 Dr. Nguyễn Hữu Nghị obtained his bachelor degree from Thai Binh
 Medical University and his master’s degree in obstetrics and
 gynecology from Hanoi Medical University. He took part in
 several professional training courses  to increase his competence
 and better serve patients.

 After graduating, he spent years working as lecturer at Thai Binh
 Medical University and as obstetrician/ gynecologist at Thai Binh
 Medical University Hospital and Thai Binh Hospital Of Obstetrics
 And Gynecology.

 Dr. Nghị has been working at L’Hôpital Francais de Hanoi since
 April 2014.

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